Metodo Giusti®

The first method that teaches you how to use the properties and combinations of food to stay fit and healthy.

The Right Combinations Diet is based on two innovative principles:


The method is a tool to create a CUSTOMIZED DIET based on: physical condition, disorders and diseases, timing, activities, tastes and habits.


Food should be chosen according to its nutritional properties.

Every food that nature gives us is a treasure of properties that we can take advantage from every day.

Almost all dietary approaches stop at the mere calculation of calories and quantities of the main nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), reducing and eliminating foods, often on the basis of tests and examinations that haven’t been scientifically validated. Food, instead, provides us with much more: minerals, vitamins and especially nutraceutical substances, high in specific properties that trigger reactions with pharmacological effects.

Food can therefore help us to solve small common problems that can disturb our everyday life and affect our lives such as swollen belly, stomach acidity, headaches, water retention and many others, and be of help in the treatment of diseases.

Food can also stimulate or regulate the function of the body’s organs.

By using them in the right way we can improve the physiological processes, starting from the digestion and metabolization of nutrients and accelerate the overall metabolism.

This allows us to maintain an excellent shape without struggling and feeling weak and lacking in energy as in most diets.


It is not only the choice of foods to put on the plate that is important but it is also essential how they combine into a complete meal.

Correctly combining foods allows you to make the most of their potential and at the same time avoids offsetting each other’s benefits.

If you do not know the true content and specific properties of a food you may risk mixing foods that conflict and fail to produce the benefits that taken individually could give.

The right combinations facilitate first of all the digestion of individual foods: often taking a mix of different foods in the same meal causes annoying swelling and abdominal tensions.

It is also essential to correctly manage the glycemic load of the meal, that is its sugars and the time our body needs to absorb and transfer them into the blood, resulting in a glycemic peak. The composition of the meal is crucial if you want to lose weight or if you have high blood sugar or diabetes.

To sum up, foods can stimulate or control the function of the organs: it is therefore essential not to mix in the same meal foods that cause contrasting or even opposite effects on the body.

If we do not know the properties of foods we could mix diuretic foods and foods that facilitate water retention, sedative foods and foods that stimulate the nervous system, foods that can make the blood more fluid and others to increase coagulation.

The correct food combinations allow us instead to enhance and strengthen the effect that we have decided to trigger: from time to time we can push towards a diuretic or moisturizing action, a relaxing or otherwise exciting effect or an increase or decrease of blood clotting, and so on.