Health goals

With the COMBIYOU PROGRAM you can achieve your health goals and stay fit.
Stomach bloating, heartburn, water retention, tiredness: these are some examples of small common ailments that can ruin your days and negatively affect your life.

To solve these problems, we have a powerful weapon in our hands: FOOD

Choosing the right foods and making the right combinations will make it easy for you to stay fit and healthy.

With the COMBIYOU PROGRAM and its App you choose the goal you want to achieve and the disorder you want to solve.

After selecting your goal, COMBIYOU will guide you in the creation of the meals of the day following the principles of the Right Combinations Diet. You will get new menus targeted to the specific results you want to achieve.

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It is not necessary to fast to detoxify your body. Simply choose foods that are low in toxins and rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. The principles of a purifying diet are as follows:

1 – reducing the intake of animal proteins
2 – choosing antioxidant foods
3 – choosing anti-inflammatory foods
4 – choosing foods high in selenium, a mineral that fights cell aging
5 – facilitating the function of the excretory organs: liver and kidney



Food may worsen or improve the symptoms of gastritis and reflux.
The general rules for a curative diet are as follows:

1 – choose foods that reduce the secretion of acids or protect the stomach wall or heal the inflamed mucous membrane
2 – favor dry foods and avoid liquid ones
3 – favor the use of cooked rather than raw vegetables
4 – choose vegetables low in cellulose
5 – reduce the consumption of vegetables high in iron that are irritating to the gastric mucous membrane
6 – reduce the consumption of highly sugary foods, including fruit, and in any case avoid eating them between meals
7 – avoid the consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks and fruit



When foods are not combined properly, blood sugar may fluctuate excessively, leading to an accumulation of abdominal fat and a consequent increase in waistline.

To control blood sugar, the nutritional rules are as follows:

1- choose foods with a low glycaemic index
2- combine foods in the meal so as to reduce postprandial glycemic peak
3-use hypoglycemic foods that can reduce blood sugar levels
4 – reduce the consumption of sugars added to food



Having a swollen stomach is one of the most common but at the same time most annoying ailments we suffer from.

By choosing the right foods, matching them correctly and using the right cooking methods, the swollen stomach will no longer be a problem.

The basic principles of the correct diet are as follows:

1-do not mix proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal
2-avoid foods that lead to the production of intestinal gases
3-choose carminative foods, that is, foods that are able to neutralize gases
4-choose foods that can calm the spasms of swollen intestinal loops



In order to live this period of life well, food is of fundamental help to fight the various disorders you may experience, reduce the risk of getting sick and regain your femininity.

The general principles of menopausal nutrition are as follows:

1- use foods high in phytoestrogens, natural substances capable of reproducing the action of estrogens, whose reduction determines most of the disorders.
2- provide the right amount of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.
3-choose foods with the ability to improve blood flow.
4-use the properties of foods that can reduce irritability and sleep disorders.
5-reduce insulin level, with the correct combinations for each meal, to prevent the increase of weight and waistline.



Every day you can stimulate your metabolism through the liver by accelerating the processes of transformation, use and excretion of food.

The nutrition principles for a proper stimulus to liver function are the followings:

1- provide an adequate supply of complex carbohydrates
2-eat carbohydrates mainly in the evening
3-use plenty of extra virgin olive oil
4- cook with olive oil (also frying)
5-favor acid and bitter foods
6-choose foods that also stimulate the thyroid gland



With the right diet you can fight the problem of excess fluid retention.

The basic principles of proper nutrition are as follows:

1-ease and do not tire renal function
2-choose diuretic foods
3-avoid mineral-rich foods that facilitate fluid retention
4-reduce as much as possible the consumption of table salt, instead try to add flavor to the dishes by using spices and herbs



Sleeping well helps us live well.

You can affect different mechanisms of sleep regulation by choosing the right foods:

1- reduce the level of thyroid hormones as well as adrenaline and cortisol.
2- increase the level of some brain neurotransmitters that increase a sense of peace al we-being such as serotonin
3- use foods with sedative properties of the nervous system
4- use foods that relax the muscles